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Pennsylvania State Parks

Trip Report: Little Buffalo State Park in Pennsylvania

June 24, 2020
Little Buffalo State Park in Pennsylvania is about 30 miles northeast of Harrisburg and has a small campground and lots of options for hiking and water activities over a camping weekend.
Pennsylvania State Parks

Trip Report: Raccoon Creek State Park in Pennsylvania

October 21, 2019
Raccoon Creek State Park in Pennsylvania has camping, hiking, biking, and boating options less than half hour from the city of Pittsburgh.
State Parks West Virginia

Trip Report: Holly River State Park in West Virginia

October 3, 2019
Deep in the mountains of West Virginia, Holly River State Park offers a peaceful yet challenging weekend of camping and hiking.
Maryland State Parks

Trip Report: Cunningham Falls State Park in Maryland

September 17, 2019
Cunningham Falls is a very busy State Park in Maryland with beautiful hiking trails around & over gigantic boulders plus a full-service campground.
Ohio State Parks

Trip Report: West Branch State Park and Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio

August 28, 2019
If you plan to visit Cuyahoga National Park in Ohio but would like RV hookups while you camp, West Branch State Park is a great overnight spot.