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RV Makeover Quick Take: RV Awning Tiny Hole Repair

September 10, 2020
Is your RV awning getting tiny holes in the stitching where it connects to the vehicle? One fix we tried was a waste of time - but another was a winner!

RV Makeover Quick Take: RV Screen Door Rattle

July 7, 2020
Does your RV screen door rattle as you drive or have an open gap that lets bugs in while you are parked at the campground? We have a quick fix!
Pennsylvania State Parks

Trip Report: Poe Valley State Park in Pennsylvania

June 14, 2019
The ride may be rough to Poe Valley State Park (and Poe Paddy next door) in central PA, but the lake, river, and hiking are worth it for the weekend!
Flash Reviews RVing

FLASH REVIEW! RV Windshield Cover

June 12, 2019
Need a way to get more privacy inside your RV and keep the temperature inside cooler? A well-fit RV windshield cover can help!

RV Makeover Quick Take: RV Door Lock Set Replacement

May 16, 2019
Have you ever been locked inside (or outside) your RV even though you have a key? We sure have! See how we replaced our RV door lock set when it failed us.