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FLASH REVIEW! Cast Iron Skillet Handle Holder

June 19, 2021
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The Situation

You’ve started your campfire.

Your veggies are sliced and diced.

Your spices are all lined up, ready for sprinkling over a delicious dinner. 

campfire before cooking

You start cooking everything up on your cast iron skillet or griddle, and the heat is really ON!

Your dinner looks done and smells incredible!

Now how will you get the cast iron skillet or griddle from the campfire over to the picnic table easily? 

If you are like us, you reach for a few dish towels or rags or even stacks of napkins to grasp the WILDLY HOT, practically on fire, handle!

The Solution

For handling the hottest handles this side of Yellowstone, you will want to order up a few of these Loge Silicone Hot Cast Iron Skillet Handle Holders!

This handy dandy campfire-cooking tool is less than $6 on Amazon, and if you don’t love red, it also comes in black, orange, green, blue, and yellow.

There is even a deal to buy the cast iron skillet and handle holder together for around $40. 

loge cast iron skillet and handle holder together

Once your food is ready to move from campfire to picnic table, remember not to slip the handle holder on until right before you are ready to move it – otherwise, the holder will heat up, too! 

If you have different size cast iron skillet or griddle, or even an extra side handle, there are holder options for those, too. 

Finally, if things get a little messy over the campfire, you can pop the handle holders into the dishwasher for cleanup when you get home.

The Review

Because we’ve used a variety of things to substitute for the Loge Silicone Hot Iron Skillet Handle Holder in the past, we were happy to find it.

We can recommend these handle holders enthusiastically!


The Loge Silicone Hot Cast Iron Skillet Handle Holder gets five stars, and we look forward to burn and blister free campfire cooking hands this summer. 

Do you have a favorite campfire cooking tool? Share below in the comments!

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