Supersonic SC1082 Portable Radio for RV
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FLASH REVIEW! Supersonic SC1082 Portable Radio

August 15, 2018
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The Situation

You need a compact, sturdy, bump-resistant portable radio with decent audio & reception to move around your RV- both inside & outside. 

Bonus points for a plug in/battery option and auxiliary jack.

Bonus bonus points for being energy efficient!  

The Solution

The small & inexpensive Supersonic SC1082 Portable Radio listed for less than $20 on Amazon.

The Review


We wanted a small, durable radio to have for our booth during breakfast or to put outside while we’re chilling under the awning or around the campfire.

The Supersonic SC1082 Portable Radio has totally fit the bill- plus we can wiggle the antenna & get SO MANY bizarre stations while we are out in the woods, it is an adventure in itself!

We’ve aria-d with opera, rocked out to hair metal (namely Nights with Alice Cooper, which seems to come in fine EVERYWHERE we go), and jammed to the oldies- we even listened to some kind of religious chanting one evening WAYYYY out in the woods. 

There are AM & FM bands, plus 7 other randoms. You can connect an auxiliary source like your phone or iPod, and there’s a separate jack for headphones.

For power, you can use (and recharge!) the internal battery, use regular old batteries, or plug it in. 

Finally, as if you needed MORE bonuses…

The Supersonic also has a flashlight built into the side- perfect for when the campfire goes out & you need to find your way back to the RV! 

We admittedly are spoiled in our regular vehicles by Sirius XM radio, but we haven’t yet made the jump to purchase it for our RV weekends. 

Until then, we’ll be rocking out to the Supersonic SC1082 Portable Radio!

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