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FLASH REVIEW! SmartWool Hiking Socks

July 5, 2019
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The Situation

You’re hiking along (or running or walking), and you feel your hiking socks sliiiiiiiiiiding slooooowly down the back of your ankle, making their way gradually down to scrunch up uncomfortably in your shoe. 

At our house, we call those quitters – and they come in all colors & sizes! 


After a long hike (or run or walk), you find your new-ish (less than a year old!) socks with a spotty heel that looks like it will wear through any second. 

All you want are some durable, cushiony, snazzy socks that will stay up where they’re supposed to & last longer than three long hikes.

The Solution

Meet SmartWool socks!

Oh, wait…you’ve met SmartWool socks before?!

Maybe you did, but you thought WHAT SOCKS ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH COULD BE WORTH $18-25 APIECE?!


SmartWool socks are made from Merino wool, which is sheared from sheep who are able to hang in extreme high & low temps completely covered in this stuff. 

This wool creates a wonder fabric that’s able to act as insulation to keep your feet warm in low temperatures or pull moisture away to cool them when they’re hot & sweaty.

BONUS – Merino wool is also good at absorbing odor, PLUS it is extra-soft, biodegradable (yay! hug a tree), and fire-resistant (which is more than I can say for those nylon or polyester-blend ones). 

They don’t call them smart for nothing!

I was first introduced to SmartWool socks for skiing when I received them as a Christmas gift five or six years ago. I was impressed they stayed put snugly up over my calves and had just the right amount of cushion on the bottom of my feet. 

Not only that, but neither the fit nor cushion went away after I washed them. And washed and washed and washed them. Again and again they were able to maintain their fit & form.

When I decided I needed a second pair to mix in for ski season, I was happy to see they had some snazzy designs & colors to pick from, too.

When I found out SmartWool had hiking & running sock options, I knew we had to give them a try!

The Review

Although I also hesitated to spend that much on ONE pair of socks, you can see I got over it real quick when I realized how FANTASIC & NON-QUITTY these hiking & running socks are.

smartwool hiking socks review

I’m clearly a fan, and I’ve converted Russ, too. Those are his SmartWool-clad feet laying in the hammock!

SmartWool hiking socks easily get five stars from us.


If you aren’t a big hiker, their Socks Finder Tool will help you figure out which socks are best for you based on your preference of activity, height, thickness, and design.

So maybe I’ve convinced you. Let’s just say you invest in a pair of SmartWool socks, but you completely disagree with me. 

No problem! SmartWool has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Oh, whoopee, you say. So what. Everyone has one of those.

BUT…SmartWool’s lasts TWO YEARS!

Yep, that’s right- you can return your SmartWool socks up within TWO YEARS of purchase if you are unhappy with them. 

So, go ahead! Hike! Run! Walk! Travel! Hang out! See if any of your activities can outsmart SmartWool socks

Or nap. Russ has found they handle napping really well, too. 

smartwool sleeping socks
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